Critical Mistakes Nearly Every Doctor Makes

Doctors find it challenging to manage their time and life. However, this book discusses simple things every doctor can do to improve their work-life balance and time management.
Susan Kersley is a retired doctor who became a Life Coach

Reviews:Dr S Judge on Great taster of some simple things that can save time! wrote:

I liked the points in sections so easy to assimilate.
She makes a lot of sense-good to hear the secrets of time-saving pointers from a retired doctor.

Simon on Excellent book to help improve work/life balance for a busy Doctor! wrote:

Excellent book providing great strategies to help improve time management and work life balance. Strategies to improve time efficiency at work and prioritisation of tasks were very helpful. The critical mistakes that most Doctor's make highlighted in the book have provided a good impetus for change. Seeing the mistakes you make daily written down in black and white is quite sobering. With burnout becoming increasing prevalent in the medical profession this book is an excellent start to help improve things both at work and in your home life.