Pills and Pillboxes

Book Cover: Pills and Pillboxes

Discovery. Connections. Cornwall:
Rachel, an exhausted junior doctor, who grew up in the Falklands and came to the UK for her sixth form and university education, takes time out in Cornwall to search for the father she never knew. She makes a gruesome discovery in a Pillbox on the cliffs. Shocked by what she finds, she meets Nick, a lonely young successful soap actor from London. They discover unexpected connections to each other as well as to David, a disillusioned depressed GP, evacuated as a child to Cornwall during the Second World War.
Pills and Pillboxes is a family saga, well structured with unexpected elements. The author's experience as a doctor and life coach shines through in the way she describes the problems of an overworked GP and about life in rural Cornwall.
If you are looking for ideal holiday reading with well-drawn characters and a clever plot set in unusual locations with a sense of suspense then you will love Pills and Pillboxes


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