Prescription for Change

This book is a catalyst for doctors to have the life they want. It promotes a healthy work life balance and is a practical, easy-to-read guide with useful tips and advice for doctors to be less stressed and enjoy life more. Written by Susan Kersley, a retired doctor who worked in the N.H.S for thirty years. This book is for doctors who wonder if they can continue working in Medicine and want to discover ways to make their lives happier and more balanced.

Reviews:Dr Joan Mushin on Prescription for change wrote:

Susan Kersley, for many years an inner city NHS doctor, retrained to become a Life Coach. She is now passionate about working with doctors who feel similarly overworked and undervalued and enabling them to change their lives for the better. Her book came out of a series of articles that were published in the British Medical Journal Careers Section. It is attractive and readable with lively quotations, sub-headings and bullet points.
As a doctor and a doctor's wife we both found the book to be positive and challenging. The 'prescriptions' presented are applicable to anyone who suffers from stress or distress caused by work/life imbalance or poor relationships with colleagues or family.
The book starts with the question'What would make your life better?' and then coaches you to 'find more time for the things you enjoy, to look after yourself better, to stop procrastinating and thus have more energy, to communicate more efficiently and improve your personal relationships.' The book is the next best thing to having your own personal Life Coach. It inspires you to do the things you always wanted to do, but never believed you could. The message is 'You can change your life', and this book shows you how.

Many doctors find that being a doctor takes over their life. They work long hours and are stressed and overworked. ?Prescription for change? recognises this and enables doctors to have a life. It unique because it is written from the perspective of a doctor turned life coach. The author is familiar with the pressures which doctors have in their day to day working life and encourages them to make small changes which will enable them to: Have more time * Be clear about boundaries * Look after themselves much better * Find more balance in their life * Build better relationships * Value themselves and their own needs The author gently challenges assumptions and enables the reader to find the way to make the changes they want in their life. It is probably the first personal development book written for doctors by a doctor and professional life coach. Although written for doctors the content is applicable to other professionals. It is a personal development/self help book which: introduces the concept of support from coaching and/or mentoring. * It is about living the life the reader is meant to live not one that someone else has prescribed. * It describes ways and tools to achieve this.