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Title: Mind Over Weight


In order to reach a healthy weight, it's important to change your mindset. Beliefs about food need to change. In the long term, diets don't work. Changing your mindset is the best way to achieve the weight you want. Eating more healthily and increasing exercise is vital too. This is a new and updated version of the book published with the same name.

Mindset for weightloss
Mind Over Weight

Title: Weight Loss Success

Summary: Instead of diets, simple ways to change the way you eat and live your life can be effective in achieving a healthy weight. This book guides you with simple tips for weight loss success.

Book Cover: Weight Loss Success
Weight Loss Success

Title: Change Your Mind Change Your Weight

Summary: Do you plan to go on another diet or eating plan to lose some of your excess weight once and for all? But what to do? There are so many confusing plans all persuading you that theirs is the only way to be slim and healthy. There is a simple way to become more healthy and lose your excess fat. This little book explains what to do.

Book Cover: Change Your Mind Change Your Weight
Change Your Mind Change Your Weight