Life After Medicine

Leaving the medical profession, whether through retirement, a planned career change, or one dictated by circumstances can be a difficult transition. There may be opposition from others and from inside themselves. They may be worried about what to do next, and find their expertise and professional status hard to leave behind.

Told by Susan Kersley, retired doctor and a life coach, this book helps and motivates doctors who are facing this transition. It offers simple yet comprehensive strategies, resources, and reflections to explore where they are, where they want to be, and how to have a fulfilling life after leaving medicine.

Reviews:A mum wrote:

I had already resigned from my NHS post and was working my 3 months notice before I found this book. The book became my regular bedside reading for the rest of my notice period and for the months immediately afterwards. I found it very helpful as it encouraged me to be kind to myself and give myself time before planning the next stage of my life - be it back in medicine or in pastures new. Now, 8 months on, I have 2 new part-time careers outside medicine and am more relaxed and happy than I have been for many years (though considerably poorer). I feel that if this book had not supported me in considering the unthinkable I would be back in medicine and as unhappy as ever.