Books about retirement

Title: Life After Medicine

Summary: Leaving the medical profession, whether through retirement, a planned career change, or one dictated by circumstances can be a difficult transition. There may be opposition from others and from inside themselves. They may be worried about what to do next, and find their expertise and professional status hard to leave behind. Told by Susan Kersley, retired doctor and a life coach, this book helps and motivates doctors who are facing this transition. It offers simple yet comprehensive strategies, resources, and reflections to explore where they are, where they want to be, and how to have a fulfilling life after leaving medicine.

Book Cover: Life After Medicine
Life After Medicine

Title: Get Ready for Retirement

Summary: If you are apprehensive about having a life after work when you retire and wonder how you'll manage without the routine of regular work, then this book will enable you to get ready for retirement and change your identity from professional to retiree, senior citizen or older person. This book provides you with simple strategies in an easy-to-read format and a step-by-step approach so you can have a wonderful life after work! Susan Kersley is a retired Medical Practitioner who became a Life Coach and Writer. She is the author of several personal development books for doctors including 'Prescription for Change for doctors who want a life,' 'ABC of Change for Doctors,' and 'Life After Medicine and a couple of novels.

Book Cover: Get Ready for Retirement
Get Ready for Retirement

Title: Life After Work

Summary: Retirement is a life transition and a chance to thrive and enjoy life. This book encourages you to enjoy yourself and have an exciting and opportunity-filled retirement because retirement is not the end of the road it can be a new beginning.

Book Cover: Life After Work
Life After Work

Title: Retirement - Back to Basics

Summary: If you want basic information about how retirement will affect you, this book is for you!. It covers the challenges of retirement, the decisions you need to make, and the new routines to adopt as you enter the new stage in your life. Written by Susan Kersley, who has retired twice: from being a doctor and then a life coach. She is the author of self-help books for doctors and others.

Book Cover: Retirement - Back to Basics
Retirement - Back to Basics