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Title: ABC of Change for Doctors

Summary: ABC of Change for Doctors is an A to Z guide that promotes a healthy work life balance for medical professionals. The book is in an easy to read and straightforward style and contains many practical steps for personal development. Suitable for doctors at all levels and specialities and for others who want to make changes.It is energising reading for doctors at all levels and specialties, medical mentors, teachers and trainers, and also careers advisors and counsellors. The Author, Susan Kersley, is a retired Doctor and Life Coach.

Book Cover: ABC of Change for Doctors
ABC of Change for Doctors

Title: Life After Medicine

Summary: Leaving the medical profession, whether through retirement, a planned career change, or one dictated by circumstances can be a difficult transition. There may be opposition from others and from inside themselves. They may be worried about what to do next, and find their expertise and professional status hard to leave behind. Told by Susan Kersley, retired doctor and a life coach, this book helps and motivates doctors who are facing this transition. It offers simple yet comprehensive strategies, resources, and reflections to explore where they are, where they want to be, and how to have a fulfilling life after leaving medicine.

Book Cover: Life After Medicine
Life After Medicine

Title: Lifestyle Coaching for Doctors

Summary: Doctors can benefit from coaching, not only for themselves but also as a way of enabling their patients to decide about treatment options. This book explains what coaching is, and how it can encourage doctors to improve their work-life balance. There is information about the benefits of telephone and internet coaching and the skills you can learn from working with a coach. You will also discover the secrets of successful coaching if you want to coach doctors and have a positive outcome from coaching sessions.

Book Cover: Lifestyle Coaching for Doctors
Lifestyle Coaching for Doctors

Title: Meet the Challenges of Working as a Doctor

Summary: Are you a doctor overwhelmed by work who has missed out on life's joys in pursuit of a successful medical career?? After years of studying Medicine, designing and carrying out and then writing up medical research projects so that your name can be listed amongst the good and the great doctors, yet you feel as though something is missing from your life. You have gradually come to the realisation that there is more to life than Medicine and may experience guilt about even having that thought. What is it about the culture of Medicine that means that many doctors believe that everything else in life must take second place to progression in your specialty? Senior doctors face a dilemma: they don't want to admit any regrets, and believe that to be the best doctor, they must focus on their specialty.. This book guides you through ways to have a more balanced life and continue working as a doctor.

Book Cover: Meet the Challenges of Working as a Doctor
Meet the Challenges of Working as a Doctor

Title: Prescription for Change

Summary: This book is a catalyst for doctors to have the life they want. It promotes a healthy work life balance and is a practical, easy-to-read guide with useful tips and advice for doctors to be less stressed and enjoy life more. Written by Susan Kersley, a retired doctor who worked in the N.H.S for thirty years. This book is for doctors who wonder if they can continue working in Medicine and want to discover ways to make their lives happier and more balanced.

Book Cover: Prescription for Change
Prescription for Change

Title: The Busy Doctor's Guide to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Summary: Do you have to 'put your life on hold' when you become a newly qualified doctor? For some doctors, their routine only includes work, eating, and sleeping, which has a negative impact on their health, well-being, and relationships.. The significance of self-care in becoming a "whole person" is often overlooked. Some doctors deal with stress and overwork by consuming too much alcohol or food. Others decide to pack it all in and leave the profession. But it doesn't have to be that way. You can have a more balanced life - to work well and efficiently as a doctor and enjoy your life after work. This book guides you to achieve a better work-life balance.

Book Cover: The Busy Doctor's Guide to Improve Your Work-Life Balance
The Busy Doctor's Guide to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Title: Work-life balance for doctors

Summary: A good work-life balance is often talked about, but do you know why it's something for which to strive? As a doctor, you should know: What work-life balance means for you. How to improve your work life balance. It's vital to look after yourself so that you are better able to look after your patients. This book written by retired doctor and life coach, guides you through changes you can make to improve your work-life balance.

Book Cover: Work-life balance for doctors
Work-life balance for doctors