Out with the Old in with the New!

As this year draws to a close it is the ideal time to rethink priorities for the coming year. In spite of planning  many projects in the  two years since the pandemic ruled everything (or so it seems) not many have reached their conclusion yet. I made sour- dough bread, and banana bread and had most things delivered. However now it is good to be out and about, meeting people face to face again, although with some restraint too. There is the strange situation of the ‘powers that be ‘ telling us how to behave in relation to mask wearing and social distancing.

I decided to move my website to a different hosting company instead of just asking  for it to be transferred, which would have been somewhat more efficient. However, it’s given me the chance to re-read some of my books and correct typos and other things that I hadn’t noticed before.

Although not made at the New Year I decided it’s time to make some changes so I took the step of giving notice to resign from a committee that I’ve been active in for the past couple of years to give myself some more headspace and time to follow more of what I want to do. I’ve sorted some stuff I no longer want including kitchen utensils and clothes and am  gradually gifting these to charity shops.

I found a book I wrote about New Year Resolutions and I am about to publish the updated edition.

Do you make resolutions each year and do you manage to keep them? They are really goals with a different name and in order to succeed make them SMART.

I usually make them around getting fitter …but need to be SMARTER about that! This time I resolve to read more books and look at screens less (that is a challenging one!)

What  favourite resolutions do you make and how many have you kept?

Let me know in the comments.

Here is an article about New Year resolutions and about changing habits.